Great dota 2 hack here. This is still working on the latest patch. No bans reported so far, please keep checking back for new features. If you have bad latency some of these features may not work correctly.


  • Strong Antiban
  • Supports Win 7/8/10


  • Map Hack
  • Enemy Item Tracker
  • View Enemy Mana Bars
  • View Enemy Cooldowns
  • Auto Last Hit (Never miss a lasthit again)
  • Auto Deny
  • Crit Hack (Stops attacks until you have a crit)
  • Illusion Detection
  • Auto euls/blink/invoke
  • Zoom Hack (Zoom out as far as you like)
  • Auto Remote Mine Detonate (Techies cancer, but very fun)
  • Auto Shadowraise
  • Auto Pudge Hook/Cleave Combo
  • Auto Orchid/Medallion/Crest
  • Auto Manavoid
  • Auto Dagon
  • Auto Sunstrike + Prediction
  • Auto Finger of Death
  • Auto Disable
  • Auto Laguna Blade
  • Auto Reapers Scythe + Blink
  • Auto Zeus Alt/Thunderbolt
  • Auto Culling Blade + Blink
  • Legion Auto Duel, (BKB/BladeMail/W/Duel),
  • Auto Tread Toggle
  • Auto Phaseboots
  • Show Neutral Spawn Boxes
  • Auto Queue/Auto Accept
  • Custom Scripts


Click Here to Download (6.2 MB)



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